Martin Etwop believes that the foundation of America has been and is being shaken, and it is time for constitutional conservative Americans to rise and defend our nation’s foundation. It is time to defend against socialism and Marxism; Martin knows firsthand the dangers of these ideologies, having personally lived through them.

As your Congressional Representative, Martin Etwop will do something about our future as Americans. He will not cower from the lib dem bulling. He will stand for the unborn, will fight for common sense spending. 

It is time to defend the unborn who cannot defend themselves, time to protect our children’s future by putting a stop to the current irresponsible unrestricted spending by Washington DC. It is time to stand against the false narratives of hate and division that the left in collaboration with left stream media propagate every moment they get. And it is time for conservatives to get back their voices and boldly start taking back America to its constitutional roots.

For far too long, the Democrats have used RIBs (Racist, Intolerant, and Bigot) as their weapon of choice during any sort of debate because they know that at the mention of those words Republicans just coil up without fighting back, and just like that, the debate ends with the win going to the dems. It is a ploy used by Antifa, democrats in Congress, left stream media, and just about all the socialists and Marxists trying to steal America from us. And boy has the left been successful at calling Republicans RIBs.

Ironically, those on the left that use the RIBs to criticize embody it themselves through policies that caricature Americans through a RIBs lens. Their lack of policy successes or moral authority disqualifies them from calling anyone Racist, Intolerant, or Bigot. It is time for Republicans to stop being bullied and take back their lunch money. It is time to give America back to “We the People.”

Martin Etwop will  defend our nation's constitution even from some of our fellow Americans who want to see our nation broken.

As your Congressional Representative, I will do something about our future as Americans. I will NOT cower to anyone calling me a RIB. After all, which is more insidious, to be called intolerant for defending an unborn baby, or is it the actual funding, supporting, and participating in killing tens of thousands of babies each year? Is it more racist to call for controlled entry/ immigration into the country, or is using helpless children who are smuggled and or trafficked into the country to score political points the more dangerous and racist thing? I say the latter is the racist thing, and I will not cower from saying that.

My job as your Congressman will be to defend our nation's constitution even from our fellow Americans who want to see it broken because they would rather appease those who believe in the Socialist and Marxist policies that have destroyed all the nations that have tried it before. I will use every energy I have to ensure that our foundations are being defended at all times.

Together with your support, we can do it.

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