Martin Etwop, Republican for Texas CD2 

Martin Etwop: A Constitutional Conservative for Texas

Martin Etwop believes that the foundation of America is being shaken and it is time for constitutional conservatives to rise up and defend the nation's foundation. “We need to stand and defend against Marxism and socialism”, ideologies whose dangers Martin knows firsthand , having lived through them himself.

As a Congressional Representative, Martin Etwop will stand up for the unborn, fight for common-sense spending, and defend against the false narratives of hate and division propagated by the left and the mainstream media. He will not back down from the left's bullying tactics and will fight for conservative values and the constitutional roots of America.

For too long, the Democrats have accused Republicans of being Racist, Intolerant, and Bigoted (RIBs)  a weapon they use during every debate, and at the mention of these words, Republicans shrink into their skins and hide because they are too afraid to carry a “label”. Martin Etwop believes it is time for Republicans to reclaim their voices and stop allowing the left to use these tactics to silence them. When a narcissist projects their behavior on you, you do not let them, you call them out for who they are, narcissists.  It is time for Republicans to stand up and proudly defend their beliefs without fear of being labeled RIBs.

The left's lack of policy successes and moral authority disqualifies them from using these accusations. Martin Etwop is the voice that Texas needs in Congress, a voice that will not be silenced or intimidated by the left's tactics.

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